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TA Guidelines

Guidelines for TA Use:

  • Post-secondary schools must be either regionally or nationally accredited.
  • Soldiers must have a degree goal and plan in place by the time they have completed 9 semester hours.
  • TA request must be received at least five days prior to the start date of the course.
  • First-time students must see an education counselor prior to enrollment; all others with a valid SOCAD Student Agreement or degree plan on file at the servicing education center may request tuition assistance online, through the appropriate ACES Service Center portal.

Tuition Assistance May Be Utilized for:

  • A non-duplicating degree or credential, whether at the diploma, certificate, associate, baccalaureate, or graduate level
  • Courses required for MOS-related licensure or certification
  • Off-duty courses leading to a state education credential
  • Host-nation, college-credited language courses, while stationed overseas
  • Undergraduate prerequisite courses when required for enrollment in a Bachelor’s or Masters degree program, or when required by a career advancement program, such as Officer Candidate School, USMA, and the Army Medical Department Enlisted Commissioning Program.
  • College preparatory courses for qualifying soldiers who intend to earn an undergraduate degree
  • DANTES Independent Study Courses and some other facilitated independent study courses with on-post institutions.
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