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Daegu - Needs Assessment 

In order to provide the right services and programs for the current population at our installations, we need your input. We need input from all who use education center services; Soldiers, other service members, family members, Department of the Army Civilians, and retirees. This input is provided through a needs assessment survey. The needs assessment survey is online, at the link provided below, and includes all of the education centers within the ACES Education Center. Please view the ACES Education Center homepage to see if your servicing education center is listed to determine if you are entering your information in the correct survey.

For computer security, the link below is only available through computers on the NIPRNET (.mil computers). In order to access the needs assessment from a computer on the NIPRNET, you will likely be required to use a Common Access Card (CAC). If you do not have a CAC, you may request your servicing education center to provide you a copy of the survey to be filled out manually, and education center personnel will enter your answers into the online survey for you.

Please fill out the survey no more than one time per year so that we may have an accurate picture of the real needs of the population serviced at our installations. Thank you for taking the time to fill out our survey so that we may provide better service to you, our valued customers!

Needs Assessment Survey for Daegu and all associated installations (Camp Carroll, Camp Henry, LC Carroll, LC Henry).

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