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Fort Benning Education Center - School Information

Fort BenningOffice Hours
Central Texas CollegeM-Th:0800-1700, F: 0800-1200
Chattahoochee Valley Community CollegeM-Th: 0730-1700, F: 0730-1400
Columbus State UniversityM-F: 0800-1700
Columbus Technical CollegeT & Th: 0800-1700
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityComing Soon!
Georgia Military CollegeT-Th: 0830-1400
Troy UniversityM-F: 0800-1700
University of Maryland University CollegeM-Th: 0800-1600, F: 0800-1200
Vincennes UniversityM-F: 0800-1700
Fort NovoselOffice Hours
Central Texas College0800-1700
Embry-Riddle AeronauticalM-F 0800-1700
Enerprise State Community CollegeM&TH 1000-1400
Global School of AeronauticsM-W 0800-1600
Troy UniversityM-F 0800-17000
Redstone ArsenalOffice Hours
Athens State University0800-1600 M-F
Columbia College0800-1600 M-F
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University0800-1600 M-F
Florida Institute TechnologyBy Appointment Only
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