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Fort Campbell Education Center - Testing 

DANTES (Educational)

The Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Services (DANTES) Examination program assists an individual in earning a post high school credential, satisfy undergraduate and graduate level college admission requirements, earn college credit, or gain professional certification. DANTES exams are administered by appointment only.

Army Personnel Testing (APT)

The Army Personnel Testing (APT) program encompasses standardized tests used to determine eligibility for specialized training and to support the Army's personnel selection and classification process, including language proficiency testing. The program is governed by AR 611-5 Army Personnel Selection and Classification Tests. APT tests are administered by appointment only.


Many students who are enrolled in distance learning courses (eArmyU or other) are required to take proctored college tests through the education center. These tests usually require that a Test Control Officer or test proctor be identified. Tests may be paper-based or on computer.

Customers may schedule tests online through the Schedule a Test link, under Testing at the top of this screen, or click the link below. You must choose the type of test you would like to take. Please use the information provided above to determine which type of test you are requesting. If you would like to schedule directly through the education center, you may schedule in person or call your local education center for further information.

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Education Testing Center Hours of Operation

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