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This website is designed to allow you to find your Installation and gain access to information about your Installation as well as provide you with valuable online tools for scheduling appointments with counselors and scheduling tests. You will also find schedules for the testing centers and which types of tests they can proctor.

To access the ONLINE SERVICES that are available within this website, please start by finding your installation.

To find your installation: Select "Find My Installation" from the left hand menu. Either click on the map to get to your Hub area or select your Installation from the drop down list provided.

To schedule counseling appointments: Select your Installation, then select "Counseling," and then "Submit an Appointment Request".

To schedule a test: Select your Installation, then select "Test Scheduling," and then "Online Test Scheduling".

ICE - Interactive Customer Evaluations

ICE - Interactive Customer EvaluationsPlease give us your opinion about the services you receive through this web site and your Education Center. Select your installation below to be redirected to that installation's Education Center ICE site.

(Not all installations have an ICE site.)

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