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Tuition Assistance

Overview and Eligibility


Tuition assistance is used to provide financial assistance to active duty Army personnel for off-duty education programs, in support of a soldier’s professional and personal self-developmental goals. Tuition assistance is directly related to retaining quality soldiers, enhancing their career progression, increasing the combat readiness of the Army, and ultimately returning soldiers to civilian careers.


  • Soldiers on active duty, including enlisted soldiers of the Army National Guard and Army Reserve on active duty for six months or longer.
  • Each service will only pay TA for its own service members.
  • Members of the Selected Reserves based on availability of RC funds.

Personnel Not Eligible for TA:

  • Active Guard and Reserve (AGR) commissioned officers and commissioned warrant officers whose tour of active duty does not permit completion of the Active-Duty Service Obligation (10 USC 2007, 2005).
  • Soldiers of the Army National Guard and Army Reserve who are on active duty for training (ADT) or special duty (SD).
  • Commissioned officers and warrant officers attending school under provisions of AR 621-1 unless they are enrolled in the Training With Industry (TWI) program.
  • Soldiers flagged under provisions of AR 600-8-2, paragraphs 1-12 and 1-13.
  • Military personnel on terminal leave except when potential recoupment is within the control of the AEC; for example, course completion date is prior to final out-processing date.
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